For Prospective Interns

General information

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, or a mix of the two – cognitive systems – and you would like to work with me, feel free to send me a prospective email at with your CV, skills and interests. Depending on your country of residence, various international programs exist to enable students to have an internship in our lab. Contact me and we can talk about the possibilities. But first:

What am I looking for in an intern?

  • good skills in programming (Java) AND/OR running psychological experiments
  • enthusiasm for the field and a can do attitude; willingness to learn and ability to communicate openly, both about ideas and about perceived difficulties
  • attention to detail – yes, an ability to quickly code a system prototype is a good way to start things, but ultimately it is science we are doing and an ability to deal attentively with detail when doing experiments is a must (otherwise lots of time, energy and financial resources might be wasted in redoing the same work, collecting new data; your time, my time and sometimes the time of participants might be wasted)
  • a knowledge and some practical play/little projects with neural networks is always a plus!
  • a good knowledge of English is essential for you to read and potentially participate in the writing of scientific articles, document code and get along with other international members of staff

My approach to internships is adaptive and goal-oriented – depending on whether you are interested in a career in industry or academia, we can tailor the goals of your stay so that concrete participation in the various projects I’m running can translate into a valuable added skill-set and project deliverables for you.

Finally, Bremen is a very nice place to do an internship in, and cognitive systems/cognitive computing very modern hot topics in both academia and industry. If successful in your internship application, you will undoubtedly be involved in interesting research, code cool things, make new friends, and bring back home many interesting experiences.